Natalie Mason, of Ilam School, asks :-

Where do penguins sleep?

Kerry-Jayne Wilson, an Ecologist at Lincoln University, responded.

I have studied penguins for many years and although penguins spend much of their time ashore asleep I don't know if they sleep while at sea. Some species of penguin, such as our little blue and yellow eyed penguins come ashore most nights so for them sleep is no problem. They are at sea feeding by day and can sleep ashore at night. Adelie penguins and some other Antarctic penguins can jump out onto ice flows to rest.

Some other species of penguin are at sea for weeks at a time so they must sleep while floating at the surface. Certainly I have seen other seabirds and seals floating on the sea surface apparently asleep. I guess penguins can do that also.