Julie-Ann Hamilton, of Ardgowan School, asks :-

Why do all birds wake up at the same time?

Rob Lawrence, the animal Care supervisor at the Orana Park Wildlife Trust, Christchurch, responded.

You obviously have enjoyed the rapturous dawn chorus that one hears at the beginning of the day.

Birds seemingly wake up at the same time due to the high activity and sounds at the start of the day. The singing announces territorial claim, location and attraction of mates. Most birds, with the exception of Kiwi, Owls, etc., are active in the daytime (diurnal) and vocal.

Certain birds begin the calling first. For example, Magpies in the fields Bellbirds in the bush. Songthrush and Blackbirds also join in and the latter two are frequently the last to stop singing in the evening as well.

After the morning songs the birds settle in to their daily routine primarily seeking food.