Ann Kim, of Rangi Ruru Girls' School, asks :-

Is the Burmuda Triangle true?

Bernard Howard, a member of the New Zealand Skeptics, responded.

The so-called Bermuda Triangle was the subject of a best-selling book by Charles Berlitz. He claimed that this part of the Atlantic Ocean had some mysterious power to make ships and aircraft disappear when passing over it.

The topic was looked at critically 25 years ago by Larry Kusche in his book 'The Bermuda Triangle Solved'. His conclusion was that there was no mystery at all: he called it 'a manufactured mystery'. But the myth persists.

Kusche found many of the previous investigations to have been sloppy or dishonest. Ships have disappeared without trace in all the world's oceans, and the West Atlantic is notorious for hurricanes. Kusche found some of Berlitz's 'cases' not to have been in the Triangle at all (one was in the Pacific!), and other spooky events had quite prosaic explanations. Kusche's book thoroughly demolishes Berlitz, but if you want to see how the myth started then look at Berlitz's book.